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Matt Guitar/Vox

Dan Drums

Jeff Bass



Hollow Ground started back in 1992 and has changed throughout the years. One thing for sure is that we never got soft!!! We only got harder. The band started out with Matt on guitar, Jeremy on bass, Rob D. on guitar, Keith on drums, and Paul on vox. Matt & Jeremy had different ideas from the rest of the group on the direction of the band and decided to changed the line up to support their ideas. Out went, Paul, Rob D. & Keith and in came Brad on guitar, Ron on drums, and Ben on vox. Things weren't working with the vocals so they axed Ben and Matt stepped up to take over. With this line up they played at various clubs including, Hammerheadz, the Roxy, & Right Track Inn to name a few. The also opened up for LIFE OF AGONY. But, the band still needed some adjustments. Unfortunately, Ron was asked to leave and was replaced with Dan. With Dan on board, the band was able to explore even deeper into the darkest, more thrashier side of metal. But with this new ally, conflicts with Brad and his vision of the band arose. Knowing this, Matt and Jeremy asked Brad to leave. Now down to only 3 members, the band went in search of a new guitarist and ended up with Rob D. back on board. Unfortunately, Rob D. just wasn't who he once was and was back for only five months. Again, the band was down to three, and decided that 3 was as good as any number. Now with Matt, Jeremy & Dan the band focused on writing and playing out to gain some exposure. This tight line-up amazed crowds with their louder than life sound and original music and sent the band to start recording their first tape, Sik Fuked UP godLIKE. Released in the fall of '95 on the band's own label, Rezonated Recordings, the band received a huge response that sent everyone looking for a copy of the tape. With songs, - Behind the Smile, - Everyday Prey, - Insodomy Inside of You, - Rising of Time, and - Inter Utero Cannibalism, the band started to receive offers from indie labels all along the East Coast. But, in typical Hollow Ground fashion, the worst was about to happen. In Feb. '96 Jeremy, Hollow Ground's co-founder, and good friend, decided that he had had enough. With no bass player, the offers that the band were receiving started to dry up and sent Hollow Ground in search of a new bass player that took 3 1/2 months to find. During this painful process Matt & Dan still worked on new material which was quite different than Sik Fuked Up godLIKE. With 1/3 of the writing team gone, Matt & Dan dove deeper into the dark psyche of their minds to continue on with their musikal revolution. When they found their new bass player, Rob, it didn't take long to bring him up to par with the rest of the band and by July '96 they were back playing shows with this new ferocious line up. The funny thing is that Rob is also the brother of our old drummer Ron, so he was already familiar with the sound and outlook of the band. Within a few months, Hollow Ground was back in the studio recording;  Rape at 2000 Decibels. Songs on that album are - Remember the Pain, - Disinfect, - Helter Shelter, - Rape at 2000 Speedballs, - Glass Dick, - Toxic Dementia, - Clear Black Easy, - FM800, - I'm in Heat, & - Hit the Bottom. With Rob co-writing 6 of the 10 songs on the disk, there was no doubt that he knew the direction band was going. In 2000 Hollow Ground recorded 00:00:00 and played the Milwaukee Metalfest in the summer of 2000 and shared the main stage with King Diamond. In February 2001 the band decided to part ways with Rob due to scheduling conflicts and went on a wild search for the right bassist and for a brief time, Ed from the MudKrackers filled in but he had decided to leave the band after a few months. Tone from Lunicide helped us with a few shows and by February 2002, Matt and Dan decided to go on hiatus until an opportunity presented itself. Fast forward to the Ozz Fest in the summer of 2004. Matt and Dan are hanging out with Lunicide and decided to pass out some Hollow Ground CDs and found out that we still had some fans that wanted to hear us play again. Matt and Dan called Rob to see if he would play bass again and it looked like it was going to happen. Unfortunately, Rob never made it to the studio and Matt and Dan we back to where they were in February of 2002, with no bassist. Dan decided to call an old Hollow Ground friend and fan, Jim. Jim was in a limo going to a wedding when the call came in but said he wanted to try it out. A date was set and Jim has been a member of Hollow Ground since the summer of 2004. Hollow Ground dusted off their recording gear and started recording new material. So far 3 songs have been recorded; JCT-Bar, Fail You're and Dirty Penny. 3 more are on the way and a new full length CD will be finished soon.


Hollow Ground lost a dear friend and band member on 6/6/06. Jim's life ended way too short. He was a true friend and we will always miss him.


We would like to welcome our newest member, Jeff. Jeff is a breath of fresh air in our time of darkness and had stepped up to the challenge to play with us.


Hollow Ground is:


Matt - Guitar/Vox

Dan - Drums

Jeff - Bass